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“When I first got the assignment to review this site I was not sure what I could really say about it. This is a niche site that will definitely not appeal to everyone. I have been to several sites where viewers are able to design the ultimate fuck model and put her into hardcore situations but this is not the deal at Dirty 3D We are at the mercy of the designers of this crazy site and luckily, they know what they are doing. The quality of the content here is crisp and very well detailed but it will only appeal to a small market of viewers willing to shell out the cash every month for this kind of action. Personally, I get bored with this sort of thing after just a few visits but I am more of a live action sort of guy. That is just me.Photo fans will be happy with Dirty 3D. You can view over 75 erotic sets at this point and they are all offer very high resolution. You will find serious hardcore action here. My favorite content involves renderings of cartoon fuck machines. You can tell that someone really took the time to dream up these insane fantasy machines. If these machines were real, they would create an army of women that have no need for real dick at all. Each photo here is sized to about 864 x 1200px and the high-res detail in each image is fucking beautiful. Each pussy looks plump and ready to fuck and most of the pussies here have just enough pubic hair drawn on to really make them look sharp and real. They could have skipped the drawings of the fat dude fucking the hottie in one set. His big ass is just too damn detailed but his carton cock does a nice job anyway! It really is incredible how detailed that someone can get by just using a computer. If you a porn collector you will love the fact that every image set on this site can be zapped down as .ZIP file. Your cartoon porn collection will overflow!” FreeOnes

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