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About Self-Lover's World

How it all began

Self-Lover's World started way back in 2002. It was originally called Self-Lover's Guide …but we got a cease and desist from the lovely people at Lover's Guide so we had to quickly come up with a new name. It was Christmas too, I remember. Cunts. Anyway, we changed the name and never looked back. The guide had become the World.

Certainly one of the first adult website reviews out there on the market. We were mention in FHM and Channel 4 back in the UK. Such a novel idea to be reviewing porn websites.

In it's heyday, we had a team of reviewers all over the World wanking themselves arthritic to bring you, the punter, the best possible porn sites on the interweb.

A lot changed and I decided to set off into the World myself and, well, one thing led to another and the site kinda went to seed a little.

…and now what?!

The good news is, I'm back after all these years. Back and ready to bring you the best.

I've changed my approach a little. Rather than giving you my own opinion of the websites, I'm going to use the new plethora of review sites out there to do the job for me. That way, I can give you a more rounded and comprehensive look at the porn-site that might be tempting you.

I hope you enjoy the new site. I'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or feedback. I'm going to make this work for you, me, my wife and my cat. Hopefully we can all go blind together!

Peace and self-love!

Arthur ‘Nicely-Nicely' Johnson